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Make a Difference with a Tax Deductible Donation

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Music Connects

The arts, and specifically live music, have well-known, and documented benefits to individual and community wellbeing. Music connects people from all walks of life, drives tourism and revenue to local business, sparks creativity across sectors, and strengthens mental health.

Because we believe that music has the power to inspire and transform, we are driven to do our part to help realize our shared community vision for a robust arts sector. There is a place and a space for everyone in the Arts. In our 40th season at Wachholz Center's McClaren Hall, we are striving to build capacity, diversity, and the reach of live music experiences within our communities.

While our planning calls for expanding audiences within McClaren Hall, spectacular programming, increased youth music access, and superb entertainment, ticket sales alone account for less than 35% of budgeted revenue. Additional financial support comes through grants, business partnerships, and the generous contribution of donors like you.